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By : Shamus Hill

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StashtheWave is a self-taught producer who originally hails from Randolph, a diverse community which is located on Massachusetts’ South Shore. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Hip-Hop, Trap, and Jazz music when curating his sound, StashtheWave’s discography is one that has developed wonderfully over the last several years. Working with friends is what inspires his artistic drive more than anything else, and following this mentality, StashtheWave recruited some of his closest collaborators to hammer out his first collaborative EP: To Whom Much Is Given.

Though the project rests just over seven minutes in total length, each millisecond that passes by has been carefully arranged by Stash. Utilizing ominous soundscapes, thunderous drums, and tantalizing beat breaks, the three song track list that comes together to form To Whom Much Is Given gives listeners a glimpse of StashtheWave’s versatility. For each of the Massachusetts artists featured on this tape, Stash does an exceptional job at tailoring the underlying instrumental to their respective sounds, helping to shine a light on their talents at the same time as his own.

Featured on this project are Donald Grunge, Jiles, Qwan?, Clyde Black, and Notebook P. Donald Grunge was featured in BCN’s Blog in August of 2021 for his well-crafted, sophomore album In Gleem I Trust. Jiles works alongside the rising collective of artists from Brockton, Van Buren Records, and has amassed an extremely solid catalog of music thus far in his artistic career. Qwan?, Clyde Black, Arold, and Notebook P are some of the closest artistic collaborators of StashtheWave, and their placements across To Whom Much Is Given present their individual talents in a wholesome fashion. If you’re someone who’s looking for new Massachusetts artists to check out, then this list should certainly hold you over.

Following a conversation I had with StashtheWave surrounding the release of this project, he made me aware of the fact that this is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to what’s to eventually come. He’s been working with a ton of artists across the Bay State, and is hopeful that fans of his sound will be able to hear even more of his music as 2022 rolls on. Until then, give To Whom Much Is Given a few spins.

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #144 March 2022


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