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By : Poetic Pattie

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Happy spring! Let’s highlight these juicy new releases.

“F*Ck It”

“F*Ck It” the EP is a brand new collaborative affair from our very own Bostonians— Tomo & Owen. In the words of the insanely talented Tomo Singh “I’m trynna stack…I don’t like to talk.” Which is exactly what we see on a daily basis with his go-getter work ethic. From enchanting graffiti doodles and designing goblin gear; Tomo also make’s it a point to express his dark thoughts within his melodies. Every track takes you through its own sound bending theme with a different story to tell. Especially while listening to ‘À La Carte’ & ‘Crescendo’, we’re flooded with provocative sounds from Invada and—nonstop racy bars.

"A Piece Of Me"

Recorded at Phoenix Down Studios, ‘A Piece of Me’ is an 8 track album produced by Weymouth native and engineer—Caso. Through the titles of the telling track list we’re given a much deeper and passionate look on how he’s conquering life’s up & downs. Amongst hustling nonstop around the clock to complete projects for big name & local artist—Caso still finds the time to express how he’s been handling loss, relationship and everything else that falls in between. This somber side of the artist comes as no shock but only an eye opener into the more passionate parts of him. With tracks like ’Take Me Back’ & ‘See You Again’ we’re reminded to hold our loved one’s tight & celebrate everyday like its the last.

- Poetic Pattie <3

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