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By : See. Love

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See. Love is my artist name, but my close friends call me Charles. I have always been interested in art, but I only started investing in myself creatively over the past five years. Since then, I have been the Head of Arts at a summer camp, designed graphics for clothing brands, started an upcycled clothing business, and created cover art for artists such as A$AP Twelvyy, Camden Malik, and Mackbo. I have no formal training in art or design, but I make sure to learn as much as I can through the words and actions of creatives that came before me. Taking the long road has not been easy, but it has been rewarding now that I have plenty of support and resources from everyday people, not just professors and galleries. I am now curating my own music events with the next one happening February 10th (stay tuned...) and plan to release merch inspired by my love of fashion. I truly believe art saved my life at a point where I had no direction. Now, I'm grateful to share my gift with you!

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #166 February 2024


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