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By : FaceMe Studios

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With immense gratitude and respect to Fairmount Innovation Lab, an inclusive co-working space, FaceMe Studios bloomed this Spring. FIL was founded to respond to the business development gap that exists within the creative entrepreneurial realm in the Uphams Corner area. They have provided space, community, network and support for FaceMe Studios to thrive. FaceMe Studios has become our home and flagship for our gallery series to honor visual creativity, vulnerable communication, and intimate connection through the lens of photography, film, performative arts, and fashion within our community.

Come check out the FaceMe Studios open house April 9th 3PM-7PM at Fairmount Innovation Lab!

Summer 2022, FaceMe Gallery seeks to dismantle body dysmorphia, emotional insecurities, and shame that has impacted marginalized communities with a multidisciplinary art event at the Cyclorama. We, Women, Men, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, homeless community, prisoners, etc, are often judged by our appearance, standard of beauty, or our status in society. Labels exist to create a place, standard, or comparative amongst humans that instills further separation and criticism than it does connectivity and unity. ‘FaceMe’ comes from the depths of our personal experiences of perceptions, constructs, and conditions that we have either projected, witnessed or endured in our past, present and future timelines. Join this growing collective and come together as a community and donate to one of the biggest events this Summer. If you’d like to sponsor or vend at this event email

—FaceMe Studios

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper April #145 2022


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