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No mo sunshine on the street

A Poem by Essmaa Litim for her 'Fruit of the Room' series

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Image by Sam Elwood

No mo sunshine on the street

a breeze blocked by where buildings meet

not a cloud in sight

so where’d the sun go?

hiding behind luxurious condos

city view balconies for lease pronto

I only see the sunset

when the sun sets

still don’t see the sun

I know the darker it gets

still don’t see the sun

at another address,

another asset

residing in a three family home

I can no longer afford

luxury down the street

but no luxury for me

family money making its way down the family tree

trees torn down to make way for three doors down

biking down my old favorite block brand new pavements and back to back coffee shops

for who?

years of inadequate crosswalks

meeting at the corner for small talks

dodging death while walking on sidewalks

aftershock watching our neighborhood’s life clock

living in a prism with no doors

schematic perception on all fours

living paycheck to paycheck for one floor

giving bank checks and bank checks for more loans

and I still can’t see the sun,


I used to see my shadow now they following it

my hood don’t look the same cuz they swallowing it

I’m reaching for the breeze

am I hot, do I freeze?

cuz I can’t feel the air touching my elbows or my knees

buildings blocking all the air where there used to be trees

and now I can’t even see the sun,


there’s no more sunshine

No mo sunshine on the street.

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #140 November 2021


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