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Non-Event’s 24-hour Streaming Fundraiser 2021

By Sam Potrykus

2 min read

Non-Event's hot new fundraiser show returns. This beautiful thing is a result of covid indeed but one of those good kinds... The ones in which you can kick back, tune in and sample the best experimental music in New England from anywhere in the world, all while supporting the ones keeping the culture alive. Starting at 8pm TOMORROW YALL December 17th from 8PM to December 18th 8PM supporters will feast on artist videos, interviews, a live call-in show, experimental short films, studio visits, tutorials, random weird stuff, plus tons of live videos and recordings from the Non-Event archives… and puppets.

This is actually their second 24 hour streaming fundraiser of the year, the first aired in July and it was everything you would expect from such a trusted force in the effort to discover, uncover and elevate each other. May all godly beings who crave boundary pushing art forms (thats you) support this effort by tuning in HERE ( and contributing anything you can HERE ( Either way and even if the way-out is not for you please share with that friend who is never satisfied with the status quo of music, they will thank you for saving them from boredom.

For the second edition they will rerun some of the best segments from NE TV1 but mostly will be bringing out new and archival footage including some of the great Non-Event performances we have enjoyed over the past 20 years. Oh did we mention NE turned 20 this summer? True champions of the scene. Help us keep them programming in 2022. PEEP for complete NETV 2 listings and I’ll see you out there! (virtually of course) !

When: December 17 & 18, 8pm-8pm

Where? Non-Event’s Twitch channel

What’s new?

  • A live call-in show hosted by Mary Staubitz & Russ Waterhouse with call-in guests Mike Watt, id m theft able, Greg Kelley, Forbes Graham, and Keith Whitman. Special in-“studio” guest Zach Rowden (of Tongue Depressor)

  • More never-before-aired archival Non-Event footage, including: Sarah Hennies, Preservation performed at the Waterworks Museum (our last pre-pandemic performance at Waterworks)

  • Original artist videos by Arkm Foam, Judy Dunaway, Wendy Eisenberg, FRKSE, Id m theft able, Anne-F Jacques, Bonnie Jones, Lasse Marhaug, Michael Rosenstein, Victoria Shen, C Spencer Yeh, more

  • Long form interviews of Forbes Graham & Sarah Hennies by Gilmore Tamny.

  • Highlights from our 2021 programming including sets by Lautaro Mantilla, Andrea Pensado, Stan Strickland, Forbes Graham & Bonnie Jones, Greg Kelley & Henry Fraser, David Dogan, Seiyoung Jang & Alec Toku Whiting, and the Ra Kalam Bob Moses / Josh Rosen / Stan Strickland trio.

  • Experimental short films, curated by Wenhua Shi of the Revolutions Per Minute festival

  • Children’s programming, including Storytime with Chris Strunk and puppets with Jeff Czerkaj (if you missed the first Chris Storytime it's so worth watching, especially if you're down)

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #141 December 2021


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