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Notes From The Crew

By Cris Rodero

July 28, 2021

Hola, aloha, hello!

It’s your favorite queer Mexican artist and architect, Cris, Cristina, or CRS if you’ve seen my stickers on the street. I thrive and survive through means of being creative. My work ranges from: a committed architecture career, as I dream of building and designing projects that will help humanity, personal mixed media pieces, because collecting memories and gluing them on vintage paper serves as my best therapy, and custom accessories (I've found that wearing my art is my best publicity). I also craft handmade letters and gifts since there’s no better feeling than giving your art to people you love. Finally, I create public and urban art, as adventuring around the globe and leaving my mark brings me joy.

Traveling is the best way to learn, internationally or around your own city. There’s nothing better than researching about a building on screen/on paper and then experiencing it first hand. Yes, I am a proud nerd. Naturally, I love drawing buildings and studying works of art. Living in different cities has taught me to be resilient, open and observant.

My advice is, take all the opportunities you get. You never know when you’ll finally get that email back saying, “we’ve got something for you”. I am very excited to be able to write for BCN and to work with DAP, all because I wrote an honest survey answer. My role at Boston Compass has been creating graphics and posting on the blog. The Brain Arts team is an amazing group of people and I can’t wait to collaborate more!

-- Cris Rodero

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