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By : Emma

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Hello world!

Tiny update here from the nonprofit that puts out this rag!

We have been staying quiet on communications for the past three months as an incubation period, turning our focus inward towards restructuring our staff and programming, re-establishing our focus and identity, and updating our mission so that proper care of our community is central to all of our work.

We are proud to offer you the following concise updates, in confidence that our next steps will be the most thoughtful and impactful we have taken yet:

BAO: We have reduced staff from 13 to 5 so that we can better care for and manage our people and our programs. We are reducing programming and increasing advocacy and fundraising efforts until we can build our capacity and grow more sustainably towards a full time staff. We want to do better by doing less, with more care.

BCN remains fully functioning with volunteer and part-time people power. We are really proud to produce a newspaper that generates over 3000+ artist opportunities a year. We are working towards the goal of compensating every person responsible for this effort including designers, contributors and distributors.

DAP: In response to advocacy from the DAP studio artists, we realized that it is now imperative to center our long term goal of seeing DAP run by Dorchester artists. This past year we were able to provide over $37,000 in rent relief and none of the DAP Studio Artists were displaced. We are looking forward to announcing a new management partnership this year that sees Dorchester artists in control of the space with support from BAO.

The BAO board and staff is now Sam P, Amyas, Emma, Marc and Kevin!

Expect more updates from us soon, including a 10 year BAO Impact Report and a new BCN budget announcement!

—Brain Arts Org

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper April #145 2022


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