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By : Michelle Leigh Williams

2 min read

Hey Compassers <3

I’m Michelle, aka Wvy, the newest Digital Marketer/Blog Admin here at Boston Compass Newspaper. I love working with a job that doesn’t necessarily feel like a job and is actually helping me balance my work and personal life better (cheers to improving quality of living y'all!). But forreal, it’s great to work with motivational people, and individuals who willingly give you their constructive criticism. It’s always the management for me.

I have two books out that I’ve published; Middle Of Nowhere and XXIII + I (new website loading!). I’m currently two years into mom-life, and a lot of people ask me what life is like now. Most times I want to say not much has changed, because I still feel like my usual busy and running-all-over-the-place self. In reality though, I do have to take time to acknowledge all of the changes that have come. I’m grateful to have an amazing little human being by my side, that I’m learning from as well as teaching literally every single day! I feel like that’s really becoming the common theme of my life. Everything is finally balancing itself out and I’m not rushing the process anymore. It really does take one step at a time.

Michelle, Digital Marketer, Content Writer & Editor. @chillwvy @figure_meout

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #146 May 2022


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