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By : Adrian Alvarez

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“Who’s going to have fun with the form?”

It’s the basic question that narrows down a

very large pool of skilled creators for each

season of “BCN Comics.” What started as

the occasional comic in our Chillustation

section in 2019 became a dedicated page

two years later. That extra room hasn’t

made the choices any easier. The longer

I work in comics, the more people I meet

who answer that basic question. Which,

in turn, stresses the organization of my

spreadsheets. So, more questions: “What

work don’t we see a lot of right now?”

“Who’s been persistent?” “Why not get

out of my own head and take someone

else's suggestion?” This season, Roden

Ovak, Hunter Savage, Angela Krieg, and

LJ-Baptiste come to you from a blend of

personal favorites, recommendations from

the production team, and strong self-pro-

motion. It's never been a solo effort. Noth-

ing in art ever is.


That’s how curation has been for the last

few years. Which is why it’s time turn that

original question on myself: “How can we

have fun with the form of the newspaper

comics page?” You saw a preview of that

in Season 5 with guest curators Comics

in Color changing up the variety of artists

and bucking the usual layout. Expect more

of that as we take notice of the increasing

number of comics collectives.


Next season, you’ll see the start of more

deliberate themes around the choice of

artists—shared backgrounds, philosophies,

and approaches to the medium—starting

with Hispanic/Latinx creators who live in or

have contributed to the Boston scene.

And while we remain committed to repre-

senting Greater Boston area, don't be sur-

prised to see a couple of out-of-staters in

the rosters.


But I’m future-tripping. We’re still in the

thick of Season 6! Roden, Hunter, Angela,

and LJ have so much to show us, includ-

ing themselves. Continue on below for our

new feature, “Meet Your Makers” and learn

more about who makes the work you’ve

been enjoying for the last few months.


—Adrian Alvarez

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #167 March 2024


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