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Notes From The Crew: Liam

By Liam Leonard Solis

1 min read

Happy New Year! How we doing? May everyone’s next revolution around the sun be off to a healthy and hopeful start!

The next time I read this, I will be on my paper route with fresh stacks of the Compass for the taking! Extra extra! Read all about it! Hot off the press, etc!

Each individual issue is divvied up accordingly and hand delivered by myself and five others to local storefronts, sidewalk drop-boxes, and, of course, to all the creative and insightful columnists and artists who have contributed to this month’s edition.

When I deliver I am reminded that BCN is powered by these volunteers. Before I step out for deliveries I make sure to take a look at the contents within–and I’m always amazed every month at all the tireless and beautiful work the designers, writers, and editors put into making each issue possible. It is truly an honor to play a small role in this larger organism and I’m grateful to be able to do my part in nourishing the growth of arts in the area.

When I’m not volunteering I am usually landscaping, singing silly songs, and goofing off on the internet (sometimes all at once!)

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #142 January 2022


Check out all the art and columns of January's Boston Compass at


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