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By : Amyas McKnight

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Hey! What's Happening, fam? It's your friendly neighborhood reporter checking in with exciting updates about what's been happening at Dorchester Art Project. As you may have heard, DAP and Brain Arts Org entered an incubation period where we researched and discovered emergent strategies to better organize within our internal community. Have any of you ever heard of a Cooperative? Well, it's alright if you haven't as there are many types of cooperatives. The basics of it is that a group of people come together to pool resources and share in decision making, governance, and mutual rewards as well as risks. We are currently working with the non-profit known as the Boston Center of Community Ownership to help organize our cooperative efforts. One major milestone reached in house was the studio artists electing their representatives. With the aid of the BCCO, we now focus on developing this leadership team and the methodologies of which they vote! We aim to develop our business plan with the Fairmount Innovation Lab’s Launch Pad program. DAP is striving to operate officially as an arts incubator which is a facility that curates a nurturing environment for local creative entrepreneurs and small organizations by offering subsidized space and resources.

July marks the beginning of our open studios btw so come check us out JULY 16th and then bop over to Boston’s Little Saigon Night Market 4PM-9PM where we will be tabling.

Amyas McKnight, creative director at What's Happening Boston, director of Brain Arts Org, steering committee member at Dorchester Art Project

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #148 July 2022


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