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Notes from the Crew: Building Community

By Tina for Boston Compass (#131)

January 17, 2021

Hello beautiful Compass peeps!

My name is Tina and I’m the Associate Editor for the Boston Compass Blog! I’m a painting major at MassArt, and I became acquainted with Brain Arts Org through my school’s devotion to artist-community partnerships. I started here back in October, and it’s been so wonderful to see the Compass continue to grow just over the few short months I have been here.

As an artist, seeing what Brain Arts Org is doing in the community is such a powerful and joyful force to witness. Seeing the support, excitement, and vibrancy the entire BAO team brings to uplifting local artists and providing a platform to minority creators has been a true pleasure of my job. Having the opportunity to chat with these artists (even if it’s over Zoom) has been my favorite part of working on the Blog.

My time working with the Compass has led me to understand how community is fostered and sustained; we all build each other up. There is such a refreshing, mutual love between the community organizations in Boston, and we’re all fighting the same fight in our own ways to build a better world for each other.

I’m so excited to end this year with all the friends I’ve met through the Compass, and I’m even more excited to start this new one on a team of people who are truly motivated to uplift and preserve the love in this city.



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