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Notes From The Crew: Collage As A Visual Identity w/ BAO Design Coordinator

By Sam Correa for Boston Compass (#122)

April 21, 2020

COLLAGE as a Visual Identity

Hi everyone! My name is Sam Correa. I'm a design coordinator at Brain-Arts.Org. I've been volunteering for BAO for over a year now and have helped Emma Leavitt, the creative director of the organization, develop the visual identity of Brain Arts. I'm no expert in design. In fact, the reason I decided to get involved was to hone my skills as a visual artist. Developing the brand of Brain Arts has been a great lesson in how simple design can be. Brain Arts as a whole is such a rich collection of creative people who are just trying to be a part of something bigger than themselves. You can see this in the amazing artwork, music, photography, poetry, et cetera, that gets produced for and with the organization. So, when you have a group that's as transparent and as committed to helping artists as Brain Arts, the brand starts to reveal itself. The collage as a visual identity isn’t something new but it makes perfect sense for Brain Arts since BAO is made up of such a diverse group of creators. When you participate in a Brain Arts event, it physically feels like a collage. There's always something different going on and you're always meeting new faces. Even the headquarters, Dorchester Art Project, is essentially a giant collage of a space. Volunteering at Brain Arts has been a very fulfilling experience so, if anyone is interested in the specific things I've worked on, check out my website or follow me on IG @samuelcorrea. Reach out if you want to collaborate on stuff. If you want to volunteer for Brain Arts visit the volunteer form.


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