By : Prakhya

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Hello hello! I’m Prakhya (also known as @verifiedspicequeen) one of the newest faces here at BCN. I started writing here because I wanted a way of contributing to both the world and my local community at the same time. I wanted the two of them to integrate and make sure more people locally knew about what was going on around the world and vice versa.

I started curating content on Instagram because I wanted to center the joy of learning about other cultures and especially highlight issues that most people haven’t heard of before. With my own family surviving religious violence during Partition in Hyderabad I became motivated to learn more about Indigenous and marginalized groups in the greater region and began to see patterns and connected threads. I started my journey here by talking to Boston about the Amazigh community and it was so great that the piece became so widely circulated and warmly received. I got to party it up with the Kurds in Providence for Newroz, ringing in the new year. Weaved within that, was one of the most harrowing and powerful stories I could share about the Yezidi people who had faced 73 genocides.

I was inspired by how Indigenous people from different parts of the region build stronger resistance together. As heavy as this work sometimes gets, I’m ultimately driven by learning about all the weird, funny, and whimsical aspects that make Indigenous cultures and religions unique and all the reasons they are worth preserving.


Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #147 June 2022


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