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By : Kevin Dacey

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Hey there! Would you help me blow out these candles because this month officially marks BCN’s 12th bday?! Pretty wild to think this scrappy rag has been kickin’ around Boston for that long. There’s something else about this issue that is special…It is the first time we’ve taken two months and smashed them into one paper. Check out the Happenings this month. We have listings for both March and April! The next issue will be May. This decision came after much hard thought, since we hate the idea of skipping an issue. We deemed it important to take one month off a year to give our team a mental health break. Our admin team is very small and trying to produce a paper, run a blog, and advocate for artists can be a lot with our limited capacity, so while we take this time off from production we will be focusing on the backend of everything like budgeting, planning, building our artists database (coming soon), and creating longevity for this paper. Wellness of our team has become #1 and keeping the paper alive is #2, so I hope you understand our need to take a step back to gather our heads. Thanks for your support for the last 12 years! This community means everything!

—Kevin Dacey, Editor-In-Chief + Dori the official (unofficial) BCN cat mascot

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #155 March 2023


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