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Notes from the Editor

By Kevin Dacey for Boston Compass (#132)

February 11, 2021

BCN readers! Hello! Zup! I have very exciting news for you. Even after two incredible milestones reached in 2020—expanding to 8 pages and hiring the first ever BCN paid staff members—we continue to fight against the current Covid hellstorm harder than ever. We now have official BCN Boxes on the streets of Boston! Maybe you already knew that because you snagged this rag from one, but we are just so overjoyed we must keep sharing this news. At the end of January, we placed 5 boxes around the neighborhoods of Boston: Fields Corner, Dorchester across from DAP | Nubian Square, Roxbury outside Dudley Cafe | Downtown Boston outside the Old State House | Allston outside Twin Donuts | Jamaica Plain outside the Stonybrook T stop. With these boxes the BCN is available for free 24/7 to all. You are probably wondering...what about Cambridge? Somerville? Brookline? Each city has its own process to get street boxes so give us a moment, we are working on it! Find a box, take a selfie with it, post it on IG and tag us @bostoncompass for a chance to win free BCN merch!

Ready for another big announcement..? We are also proud to present the first ever BCN email newsletter. This baby will be hitting your inbox twice a month with updates from our print and online blog teams about new writers, columns, artists, and events to keep you updated and in the zone on all things local!

Sign up here!

—Kevin Dacey, Editor-in-chief


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