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Places You Can Hang: Coco Leaf: The Fields Corner Spot For Vietnamese-Inspired Treats

By e.b.b. for Boston Compass (#125)

July 18, 2020

In this hot, humid and chaotic world right now it’s important to remember to take care of yourself--and what better way to treat yourself during this time than to give in to your sweet tooth?! This month we strongly recommend that you visit Coco Leaf, a locally-owned business in Fields Corner, Dorchester that has been a staple in the neighborhood and a neighbor of DAP & BAO for the past few years. Coco Leaf, which bills itself as a Dessert Cafe, serves a wide variety of delicious, Vietnamese-inspired treats--sweet and savory. Some highlights to cool you down this summer include smoothies, iced coffees, bubble milk teas and Chè--a Vietnamese delicacy commonly made with mung beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, tapioca, jellies and fresh fruits. If you’re hungry, they also offer sweet and savory crepes as well as other mouth-watering baked goods.

It’s tough out here for a small business these days--Coco Leaf has continued to be a bright spot in the Fields Corner neighborhood during this global pandemic serving sweet treats throughout it all. While you’re in FC it would be absolutely excellent to spread the love around the neighborhood to many other local businesses that have made this neighborhood so amazingly unique. Fields Corner is the first place I visited in Boston and I called it home for a number of years--I would love to see the same small businesses thriving after we’re past this pandemic!



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