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Places You Can Hang: Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor

By e.b.b. for Boston Compass (#127)

September 25, 2020

Photo courtesy of Boston Globe

I’m sure everyone’s eating habits have been a bit out of whack since the pandemic hit—I know mine certainly have been (who says ice cream isn’t an acceptable breakfast?). I’ve also struggled to find creative ways to move my body these past six months. The combination of sloth and gluttony wasn’t doing anything for my physical or mental health, so I knew I needed to adjust. If you’re like me and looking for a way to change things up and nourish your body with delicious and nutritious food, I would look no further than Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor located in the Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester. Oasis is a Black-owned business that has a strong focus on health and wellness, and takes pride in offering affordable, plant-based, made-with-love meals to the surrounding community. As well as the savory lentil stews, wraps, salads and sandwiches that adorn its menu, they also serve an array of delicious vegan baked goods and fruit-based smoothies (the golden milk is divine!). Their counter-service style has translated well in the pandemic, making it easy to pop in for a delectable and life-giving meal to go!

Mind, body, and stomach all go hand-in-hand with one another! If you’re seeking a nice stretch after your meal, I recommend checking out Four Corners Yoga, a POC-owned studio that is offering by-donation classes in parks around Boston as well as affordable in-person yoga classes and massages by appointment. Namaste and bon appetit! —e.b.b.


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