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"Plan A" by Neemz

By Qadir Shabazz

April 6, 2021

A step forward in the direction of your dreams is the action of leaving footprints big enough for the ones who need influence, for the ones who need enough courage to fulfill their own ambitions. People of color, whether they are Muslim, Hindu, African, Latino, Asian, have been creating a series of influential projects and releasing them for the world to see and understand. In this sense, we have a young Palestinian woman who goes by the name of Neemz. A roaring recording artist based in the city of Boston, MA who has been continuously shaking the surface of Pop Culture music and what that looks like for the Hijab community.

After releasing “Running Through The City” in the summer of 2020, Neemz has left her foot on the gas doing a 100mph with pure elegance, pure flamboyance and joy. It’s inspiring for those who have felt like they can’t put their best foot forward based on their appearance and what their appearance represents, it’s inspiring for the youth to see someone like Neemz to have full passion and commitment in her blueprint to execute all of her ideas. Apple music, audiomack, and many more platforms have been in full support of using their platforms to promote and market her music. Leading up to her most latest single “Plan A.”

If you haven’t tapped into the immaculate vocals and vibrations, now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the world Neemz has been curating over the past 9 months. From modeling for Converse to full time influential pop star, “Plan A” is now available for streaming on Apple Music.


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