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Plant Magic: Growing herbs but not THAT HERB

By Cheryl Rafuse for BCN #134

April 18, 2021

This is the time of year where everyone stops at ye olde Trader Joe’s and HAS TO pick up a basil plant. What, you were thinking of growing weed? Naaaah! You pop that basil on your windowsill and it promptly wilts and you assume that you have, once again, murdered an innocent plant babe.

Fear not plant lover! Herbs simply need more water and sun than your average tropical houseplant friends. Here are some tips for keeping your spring herbs happy:

Repotting party!

Give that cutie more soil to roam around in. It’s probably already taken up most of its little teeny nursery pot it came with. More potting soil and a pot that’s about 6-8 inches wide will do it for a bb plant and leave plenty of room to grow.

Pour some water on me!

Set a calendar event every day (if you have to) to remember to check on/water your herbs. It’s plants like dramatic basil and sad-looking parsley that give windowsill herbs a bad rep. They’ll wilt when they’re thirsty but water them ASAP and they’ll perk right up! Rosemary and lavender like sandier soils and a bit less water so keep that in mind when making sure your herbal buds are happy.

Sunshine for DAYS!

Your herbs need sunlight! If you don’t have a window that gets at least 6-8 hours of sun then you might want to think about a grow light. However I’ve had a basil in a north-facing window for months and it’s magically trial and error is also an option!

Having these bbs around for adding a little spice to your life will make the slow transition into spring feel a little quicker. As always if you have questions or want more plant info find me at @plantmagicshop on Instagram!! Happy herbing! ;)


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