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By : Sam Potrykus

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New Videos Every Week from Boston Artist Taijai

Taijaisuper on Youtube

@Taijaisuper in Instagram

“Shortie Got The Recipe”

This month we are taking a look at two relatively new video series, bubbling up and shifting to meet the many challenges of covid. The first new platform is from Boston artist Taijai. I first became acquainted with Taijai through the fine people at Loop Lab where he graduated from their production program and came highly recommended. At the time we at BCN were partnering with Loop Lab on the Covid-born project Tiny DAP Concert, created by Jay Hunt and the Dorchester Art Project team. We were fortunate enough to have the support of Dunamis and The Boston Foundation’s Live Arts Boston Grant and as a grantee had the opportunity to partner with Loop Lab. Taijai was one of many Loop Lab alumni whose personality and work left an impression on us so we were particularly thrilled when he decided to support us by taking a studio at DAP and bringing his energy into the space. 2021 was a big year for him and it appears to be all up from here for the man behind the camera.

Taijai Super is the new-ish youtube channel, ambitiously and impressively posting content DAILY and so far it's all fire. From behind the scenes footage of favorite local rappers such as Van Buren Records and Stay Saved to comedic tangents about life and culture I’ve really enjoyed going back through the archives and seeing the evolution of this young legend. Actually the first episode I saw dropped back in January and was a simple joint rocking a comfortable fit. Like I’m definitely trying to watch BTS footage w/ artists like HelloSIXX, Rob and Stupefye VB crew, BoogieDaGod & Co for inspo but sometimes I just wanna vibe out and throw on some funny food review or q&a for the roomies and he's got plenty of both on the channel. I especially liked “There was a blizzard in Boston, so I might move to Texas''.

All told, Taijai Super is bringing you a dope mix of content and an intimate look at inspirational Boston artists from the artist perspective, doing their damn thing. Despite being a fashion icon Taijai is clearly an honest, down-to-earth and hard working artist, putting himself out there making you feel confident following him around even if you don't know where he’s gonna take you next. He even chefs it up a bit. It’s dope to see someone put themselves out there like this and documenting the journey and story for the benefit of their fellow man. Love to see it! Create your own platforms and be that goat! Hit the link for the blog post of this article at and don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment @ TaijaiSuper !

Everything I Touch I Enjoy

Adult Contemporary Radio for your Work From Home day from Jeremy Harris

Big Nasty J on Youtube

I was so excited to discover that the salty New England legend Jeremy Harris, of Lazy Magnet fame and many musical projects and collaborations I adore, has a new platform for us! Now, this one isn't Boston-centric by any means but I think that's one great thing about the flexibility about Boston Compass Newspaper and this column in particular - we can feature whatever we want because we are the artists and this is our art! And the platform in question - Everything I Touch I Enjoy - brings that energy which is very refreshing.

Though not Boston-centric the reason this particular platform is relevant and special to Boston is because in addition to its illustrious host it features so many artists that have played and left an impression on New England and Boston and it’s really cool to connect with them again and see what folks are up to now. Everything I Touch I Enjoy is a super rich and deep dive but also really well paced which is difficult for the livestream video interview series featuring exceptional guests and some videos, performance and live interactions too. First episode I checked out featured two of Maine’s best noise sculptors and conceptual artists - Bonnie from Taboo and local favorite Colby Nathan, of (New England) Patriots and Dimples. So now I can't wait to check out tonight's episode, featuring Sam Rowell and USAIsAMonster’s Colin Langenus who turns out Jeremy met in Boston in the 90s. I can see myself spending lots of time checking out this 2nd season as well as going back to the first to see who and what I missed.

For you dedicated underground rock, noise and experimental fans these names may or not be familiar but if youre a proud freak like me who appreciates international underground music communities and the platforms that feature them then go fuck with EITIE immediately and either reconnect with or discover some veterans of particularly inspirational subcultures. It’s also just good for any aspiring and even struggling artists as most of these people are real enough to discuss the challenges we face as artists. For those who need a little commiseration there are few folks out there who have put in as many years and seen as many setbacks as Jeremy and most of them aren't out there starting tv shows for the people. Hit the blog version of this article (assuming you're reading this in the newspaper as it was intended) for a link directly to the youtube website and don't forget to subscribe, like and comment @ Big Nasty J.

—Sam Potrykus

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #144 March 2022


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