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By : Sam Potrykus

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Peace y'all. Last two PLATFORMS were focused on mostly new joints (started in 2021 or 2022) so this month I wanted to show some love to a pair of plugs I would categorize as NOT new, veterans even, of their respective scenes. So lace up and strut from one under-sung, underground culture-uplifter to another - BNF Podcast and KYLAM Blog

Broke N Frontin’ Podcast has been on my radar for a minute, probably since I saw their Museum TV interview in 2016, but I decided to take a deeper dive in the archives after seeing host/founder WOODY/DMAL appear on CWTFB Radio (one of our 2021 Podcast Of The Year) last month for an incendiary episode. If it wasn't clear from the years of dedication to the culture the BNF team are the truth - honest, real people who put on for their community and don’t hold back any opinions. We just can't have enough of these types of platforms, where in-the-know artists play host to the most relevant creators in town on a consistent basis (new episodes drop every Monday). Beyond the brutally honest, and often hilarious, conversations, BNF features tons of local and national artists, rappers, musicians, community activists and thought leaders. I especially appreciate the Stay Loyal sessions, featuring exclusive full-band performances. Their most recent live show last month was canceled suddenly, but they do throw dope events too so don't miss out on the next one - Subscribe, like, share their content and don’t sleep on the archives with quality content going back years. Next episode featuring JP rapper Trottie Y Gizzle drops this month 4/4/22. FOLLOW @bnfpodcast

The Kids Like You And Me Blog is back. Also NOT new, the Kids are kindred spirits of ours, forming their blog and starting to throw shows around the same time BCN came to life in 2010. They hold a special place for us but it’s the next level fandom that makes ‘em such champions of culture. Leaning heavy into the garage rock/rock and roll realms, they also dip into avant-garde, experimental and performance art scenes. Really, no genre is off the table for KLYAM - they show love and offer the raw enthusiasm for whatever band/artist/show they are moved to share. One thing I love about their site is that they list the shows they book of course but also shows they dig. Pure music lovers right here. I decided to feature them this month because after laying low and changing up to a whole podcast during the pandemic (peep those episodes!), KLYAM have a fresh blog post up (first since 2019) and have been doing releases and shows again -Including an outdoor show series starting in June and more short interviews that check in with characters from the scene about their post/current-pandemic status. If you crave garage rock or miss the house show scene in Boston enjoy the perspective of pre-jaded scene veterans like the Kids Like You and Me. FOLLOW @theklyam, may 2020-may 2021

“Boston based rock n roll label , show curator, and fansite”

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper April #145 2022


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