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By : Sam Potrykus

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PLATFORMS is back! I been struggling to keep up with my writing (you writers & content creators know what I’m talking about!) but I’m back in the paper for issue #151 with two outstanding platforms you cannot be sleeping on. The first is a bi-weekly, in-person event in Brockton covering artists all over MA and New England, putting them in a room with influencers and media champions for real feedback and genuine connections. Introducing THE TESTING LAB, presented by The SoundLab and TheMuseumTV. Second, we give a nod to the super-consistent and exceptionally tied-in community podcast SHOW AND TELL BOSTON out of Nubian Square. Both platforms share a lot in common, namely that their organizers and activists are staples in the community and doing great things for their people. Check em out, support em—and thanks for picking up BCN #151.

THE TESTING LAB (Presented by The Soundlab & The MuseumTV)

“10 artists, 1 panel, 1 million connections” is a pretty ambitious description, but when you consider that The Testing Lab (TTL) was created by scene pillars at TheMuseumTV and The SoundLab, it’s entirely accurate and inspiring, to say the least. There is really nothing else like this special event in the region. There are some dope networking events, competitions, panels, and regular shows out there spotlighting artists, but none of them are all-in-one like the Lab. Another reason TTL is unique: this epicness is BI-WEEKLY, which again, isn’t surprising given the consistency the two platforms behind it demonstrate, but it stands out as a regular thing artists can count on because we need that! It’s now been about 9 months since TMTV and SoundLab launched this platform, and it’s already responsible for millions of connections and limitless inspo. If you’re an artist or creative, do yourself a favor and tap in to THE TESTING LAB, every other Tuesday evening at The SoundLab in Brockton, MA. Whether you're an artist, writer, photographer, or a fan trying to discover the next great talent in our community, you now have your next must-attend event lineup. Scope the links below, subscribe, follow, smash the likes and hit us up to organize a carpool out there some Tuesday. October Testing Labs should be October 11th and 25th but always double check your dates, friends—things happen. BIG things!

Show And Tell Boston Podcast

We are fortunate to have so many great podcasts in Boston and they should all be a little more like Show And Tell Boston. They started in 2021 as a couple friends from Boston coming together to share their work and talk about their artistic journeys. Soon after the event was finished they realized there was a demand for creative individuals that needed an outlet to express themselves. They promise and deliver live showcases and “Boston’s most honest co

nversations,” a much-needed platform for community members, artists, and independent businesses. Beyond the content itself, we just admire the consistency and commitment to covering an exceptionally diverse mix of people and culture, hosting weekly discussions on fun and tough topics and quarterly showcases for artists to display their work. In the few months alone they have shared deep convos with a local amatuer fighter, elected officials, and dancers celebrating the rich history of Krump in Boston. “Facilitating the tough and fun conversations nobody wants to have” can’t be easy, but this crew sure makes it look easy with their impressive output, thorough dives into the culture, and coverage of artists and activists we know and love in the community. Subscribe, follow, and like their stuff to discover a little bit more of the city you didn’t know about, thanks to real, hard-hitting conversations with extremely engaging visuals to match. Show & Tell Boston values the community & its members, honest dialogue, and the freedom to express your voice in harmony. It has become a safe haven for local artists to come together. We love to see it!

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #151 October 2022


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