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PLATFORMS: What Did You Do Now Intro + Orange Peel Mystic #1

By Sam Potrykus

2 min read

Greetings and welcome to the first PLATFORMS article of 2022! As we develop a flow for this new column it may take several forms over the coming months. Whether it be broken down by category, release timeline or other designation, you can always expect the platforms we feature to be artist-run, authentic and fresh (even if we drop a throwback now and then). Bottom line is to follow the artists creating these platforms and the artists they feature. Keep up with content created and owned by artists, always.

This month we are featuring two brand new VIDEO series that just launched. They may or may not identify with the term VLOG but we hope they appreciate the feature regardless cause whatever we call them we call them because we are fans of the work and just plain love to see it!

First up is WHAT DID YOU DO NOW, brand new video series from local artist, producer, photographer and video artist Don Beamon. What Did You Do Now (WDYDN) is an outlandish story time channel where regular ass people can tell hilarious stories from their regular ass lives. Now we can only hope that some of these regular ass people include some of the great artists in this city and knowing Don that might very well be the case. See, I personally met Mr. Beamon performing with Miranda Rae, for whom he has produced many of her outstanding tracks, so I’m really hoping that all of the folks who fell in love with Don through the music scene will be making an appearance on WDYDN but regardless give the guy a follow, check out his introductory video on YouTube, subscribe and stay tuned for much more from this multifaceted artist and genuine human being.

Next we have ORANGE PEEL MYSTIC, musical project and now multimedia platform, who has been putting out musical offerings since 2013 and you should definitely check out her experimental and electronic jams but right now we are focusing on her new VIDEO SERIES - OPM #1 which features an interview with Brain Arts Org volunteer Hall of Fam inductee ROBBIE DEAN RHODES who makes exceptional oddball pop himself and has organized shows and made videos for many artists in Boston in addition to his own fun splashes of one-man-band outsider musics. Please enjoy this brand new spread on OPM’s YouTube which can be found at their IG at @orangepeelmystic and be sure to subscribe to their channel! While you’re at it follow Robbie at @rhodeski on IG as well.

We sincerely hope these BRAND NEW video series will spark the creative fire in YOU dear reader and encourage you to GET IN THOSE PLATFORMS!

For those of you reading this edition of Platforms from our blog we leave you with this amazing VIDEO POEM from Compass contributor CHOSEN from last year. If you're reading this in the paper, find her on IG @iamcho_sen and look for the poem BLACK BLACK on her YouTube channel.

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #143 February 2022


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