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Qwear Pride 2021: Celebrating 10 Years of Style, Community, and Justice!

May 31, 2021

Join Qwear for a very special pride month, as Qwear’s 10 year anniversary! We are having performers, dis- cussions, a fashion show with BIPOC designers, and a virtual party! Performers include Spoken word artist Amanda Shea, South African artist Delta the Leo, and hip hop artist Kay Wattz.

Pride is being sponsored by GLAD, legal advocates creating a more just society free of discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and Indochino, the largest exclusive made-to-measure apparel company in the world.

Qwear’s founder and co-owner Sonny Oram shares: “This is an odd time in queer history because many of us have been able to come out when it wouldn’t have been feasible 10 years ago. But there’s a downside to being more visible. While we may have flown under the radar before, now people know what we look like and that comes with an increased risk of violence. At least 26 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been murdered so far in 2021, and they are majority Black and Latinx women. Over 100 anti-LGBTQ bills that have come up in states across the country this year, and these are specifically targeting trans children. We will disperse discussions on these heavy topics between music, fashion, and other joyful activities so we can make progress as a community while celebrating being ourselves!”

We are kicking off these events on June 3rd at 7 PM EST with a panel by GLAD, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders! GLAD will be discussing all the work they’ve been doing fighting the anti-LGBTQ bills in a Q&A style discussion. The attendees will have a chance to ask questions to these leaders fighting for our rights!

DETAILS: Thurs, Jun 3 | 7–8 PM EST Trans Pride 2021: Victories and Resilience Zoom Presented by GLAD and MTPC RVSP:

Fri, Jun 4 | 7–7:30 PM EST Kay Wattz, Hip Hop Instagram Live @Qwearfashion

Thurs, Jun 10 | 7 – 8:30 PM EST QwearKiki: Disabled, Different, and Divine Zoom Moderator: Blessitt Shawn B. RSVP:

Fri, Jun 11 | 7 – 8 PM EST Mental Health: Emerging from Quarantine Instagram Live @Qwearfashion Moderator: Sonny Oram

Thurs, Jun 17 | 7– 8:30 PM EST Trans Women’s Art and the Next Decade Zoom Moderator: Vivian Taylor RSVP:

Fri, Jun 18 | 7–7:30 PM EST Amanda Shea Spoken Word

Instagram Live @Qwearfashion

Thurs, June 24 | 7– 7:30 PM EST Fashion Show with QTPOC Designers

Instagram Live @Qwearfashion

Thurs, June 25 | 7– 7:40 PM EST Yasmin Benoit, Asexual Activist

Instagram Live @Qwearfashion

Wed, Jun 30 | 7–9 PM EST Celebrate 10 Years with Qwear! Spacial Chat A voice from Trans Youth Activist, Lia A message from our Founding Editor, Sonny Oram Keynote Speaker: Rupi, Qwear Co-owner DJ Natural Vybezent Delta The Leo, performer


Qwear’s mission is to improve LGBTQIA+ health outcomes by bridging the gap between sexual ori- entation, gender identity, and health utility. Founded in 2011 by queer fashion activist Sonny Oram, Qwear Fashion addresses the lack of pre- sentation options for queer and trans people in the fashion world by providing an incubator to sup- port the development of LGBTQIA+ fashion, style, and presentation solutions. By writing and ex- pressing themselves on the platform, people are learning to love and accept themselves in a world where they have not been welcome. Qwear Fashion is home of the “This is what asexual looks like” movement by model and activist Jazmin Benoit. Qwear Fashion has diversified Google’s image search results for searches such as “queer fashion,” “bisexual fashion,” “asexual style,” “androgy- nous style,” and more. Founded in 2019, Qwear Media works with leaders in media to increase LGBTQIA+ representation. Qwear Media’s talent database has been used by leading brands such as Nike and MAC to make their campaigns more inclusive. Qwear Media also educates the fashion and advertising industries about the importance of including queer people both in front of and behind the camera.

CONTACT: Sonny Oram 617-816-4501


IMAGE CREDITS: Cover image: Haley Varacallo

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