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Sean Wire & Sir Clark D: Boston Based Hip Hop Luminaries Releasing Introspective Visuals

By Luis B for Boston Compass Blog

August 19, 2020

Egyptian Musk leads us into the inner workings of $ean Wire's mind. With his cohorts by his side, Wire flows effortlessly through a multi-tiered instrumental. I'm actually impressed with the different layers of art in this video. Egyptian Musk offers high quality visuals and introspective direction. It opens with an in-your-face shot of $ean Wire in what seems to be an abandoned lot. Then we progress into the street and then in front of an old house. Going deeper into the video we get deeper into the concept of the song with Wire's lyrics remaining consistent throughout. Egyptian Musk is a good addition to Wire's impressive catalog. With cameos from Milkshaw Benedict & Najee Janey this video is also a look into the bright future of Boston's next generation of artists.

Sir Clark D's new visual for Don't Stress It features one of the grooviest beats you're likely to hear this summer. Sir Clark D's vocals really stand out with complex bars that grab you in. The message is that you shouldn't let things stress you out and to make things work with what you got. The video begins with a close up of Sir Clark D rapping into a microphone. As the lens zooms out we see that they are in Sir Clark D's backyard using household items to make their concept come to life. From start to finish this is a funky track you won't be disappointed with.


Luis B aka Buddah is a Dorchester Art Project artist tenant using his space to make beats and collaborate with other local hip hop artists.


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