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Sinking Columbus: BOSTON marches for indigenous peoples day

By Amyas McKnight for What's Happening Boston

October 5, 2020

What’s happening, Boston?

Masks up, Columbus down! Boston, on October 10th, we will rally against the return of the Columbus statue to our waterfront. Mayor Walsh and the City Council have done much to ignore our Native American brothers and sisters whose needs are unmet within our community. The United American Indians of New England (UAINE) and North American Indian Center of Boston (NAICOB) have organized this rally and march to show our government officials that we can not be dismissed. The Columbus Statue was removed from Boston's “Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park” after being beheaded, but the city has not committed to permanently removing it. In this case, the head wasn’t cut off the snake and the fight is still alive and well.

Indigenous Peoples Day is about more than a name change; it’s a refusal to allow the genocide of millions of Indigenous peoples to go unnoticed, and a demand for recognition of Indigenous humanity. Recognizing this day in place of what’s currently known as “Columbus Day” is a way to correct false narratives, honor Indigenous Peoples, and begin to correct some of the countless wrongs committed against Indigenous Peoples.

Not only is it important to reject the celebration of colonialism in the form of “Columbus Day,” but it’s also important to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of Indigenous Peoples despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles in its place. Indigenous Peoples are so often erased in society, that many forget Indigenous Peoples still exist. For this reason, it’s important to begin to undo some of the harm done through this holiday, and to correct the false histories that have been inscribed. Let’s change the conversation to highlight some of the accomplishments our indigenous neighbors have had in these past years.

Are you ready to get active?

Yours Truly,


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