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Speak It Until You Believe It Queen: Positive Affirmations

By Carlene Mcnair for Boston Compass (#126)

August 21, 2020

Many times, we fail to realize that our thoughts and beliefs influence our perception. If we are constantly having negative thoughts about ourselves, we will eventually believe them. This can take a toll on our emotions and if not addressed, it can impact our daily functioning. Positive affirmations are used to address those negative thoughts and reprogram our thinking. If we say it and believe it, then we can do it and be it!

What Can Cause These Thoughts?

Although anyone can benefit from using positive affirmations, I want to focus on us mothers. As mothers, we want to make sure we are doing the best for our child(ren). If we are met with a situation that is out of our control, we may feel powerless and think negatively about ourselves (e.g. I am a failure; I am the reason this happened...). We may focus on our flaws or the things that we feel we are lacking (e.g. I am not smart; I am worthless...). Fear about future events can also trigger these thoughts. When we feel anxious, or if we are dreading what is to come, we may question our abilities and wonder if we are built to handle what may come our way (e.g. I can't do this; I am not good enough...). Thoughts about the past and any guilty feelings associated with past events can also trigger these thoughts (e.g. I am a horrible person...).

What Are You Thinking About?

As children, we are taught to be kind to others. We are taught to treat others with love and respect, and we are taught to treat others how we would like to be treated. This is the golden rule that we are encouraged to follow. Keeping others in mind is important, however, we cannot forget how important it is to be mindful of how we are treating ourselves.

I have a couple of questions for you: Are you treating yourself with love and respect? How do you view yourself? I want to challenge you to identify the negative thoughts as they come to mind and use positive affirmations to counteract those negative thoughts.

Say it queen, believe it!

How Do I Use Positive Affirmations?

You can write them down and keep them with you, or you can post them in places you visit frequently (e.g. near your bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator, or on the walls in your bedroom). When you start to think negatively about yourself, repeat the affirmations in your head or say them out loud. Try to be relaxed when doing this and pay close attention to the words you are saying. This can influence your subconscious mind.

Help! I Don’t Know Where to Start!

No worries! Here are 21 positive affirmations that you can use! Of course, you can create your own and tailor them to your thoughts, but if you find that you need some help getting started, you can use this list of positive affirmations:

  1. I am a beautiful being.

  2. I am intelligent.

  3. I am an amazing mother.

  4. I am worthy of love.

  5. I am strong.

  6. I am special.

  7. I am forgiven.

  8. I am a phenomenal woman.

  9. I am brave.

  10. I am an overcomer.

  11. I am beautifully and wonderfully created by God.

  12. I am whole.

  13. I am ambitious.

  14. I am exuberant.

  15. I am unique.

  16. I am inspirational.

  17. I am loved.

  18. I am blessed.

  19. I am doing the best that I can do.

  20. I am resilient.

  21. I am successful.

—Carlene Mcnair


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