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By : Poetic Pattie

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Spirit Of A Warrior is a compelling rap album full of mature bars; telling the obstacles of a black creative from Boston while being very understanding of life's ups & downs. Presentation is everything to Seefour—which is why he’s so comfortable when it comes to engaging the crowd. As an artist himself, he's spent a lot of time studying his inspirations and their stage presence. Kendrick Lamar, James Brown, Tupac and Prince were some of those beloved guides for him especially when it comes down to meaning and tonality in lyricism. When the creation of Spirit Of A Warrior started, there was a lot of pressure for Seefour just because he was working with new people like Gib DJ & Rob. As an artist & producer collaboration they were just getting to know each other and savoring the moments. However, Najee and Sean wire proven results of quality records so it was easy for Seefour to trust. This product was entirely produced by GIB DJ with beats made from scratch alongside Rob for executive production.

Aside from an amazing summer of east coast tour dates and a pop up performance for Celtic game goers outside of TD garden—Seefour didn’t expect to see himself gracing rooms like Nubian Square and Harvard School Of Law for more intimate stagings. It happened so quickly, even without him having put out a project for almost 2 years. The constant release of singles like ‘Body Type’, ‘Like That’ and ‘Show Stealer’ kept the momentum going. The story behind Seefour doing ‘Show Stealer’ In May outside of TD garden is very telling within the title. It was the Celtics VS. Miami game, Seefour and his team booked a U-haul truck and hired Zakiya Janae to decorate the TARP with execution from Enjoy The Thrill. A rather large crowd poured in from the garden, whether they were mad or not about the Boston Celtics losing everyone was amazed when they walked out seeing Seefour perform. The Sun Up Tour was a PUTINWORK collaboration done with So Far Boston—a global music community that connects artists with moments for live music opportunities. For the whole month of July they did 6 shows in 8 days and of course he’s been tours before as an opener but this journey was a beautiful one for him because it was his first on his own—going from venue to venue. For the sun up tour he was in Philly, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Baltimore and DC and loved every moment in DC for its rich culture and ease for networking.

Right now in the works he’s planning to do a west coast show while also pushing Spirit Of A Warrior and releasing visuals from now into the next year and quarters to follow. At this point for Seefour collaboration can lead to over saturation depending on the relationship between the artist and the producer so for Seefour the exchange in song features must be very mutual. “GET YOUR HANDS OUT MY POCKET.” is a phrase we often hear Seefour yelling out before he begins a song, it was also heard during the assassination of Malcom X. This was the last words he heard when he was shot, being used as a distraction to take everyones attention in the room—just like the spirit of Seefour when he performs. In note of what’s to come for the artist—Seefour and his team believe that this is some of his most profound work. A lot of believers on his team are invested and constantly giving quality feedback to him which has been essential to his growth. He wants to keep getting better with more opportunities for him to share his story and Spirit Of A Warrior with listeners.



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