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Stating the State Of The Art Arts: An Interview with Rene Dongo

By Neil Horsky for Boston Compass (#127)

September 23, 2020

Photo courtesy of Rene Dongo

“I make a mixture of video and audio pieces. I make art to feel alive, to show love to people that I admire, and to make myself excited about expressing ideas.”

“...I learned early on that sometimes you can ask for things, borrow equipment and still make stuff. You can make videos on anything...if you have enough patience...”

“My cameras are like cameras that are everywhere, in your phone, and I have some old cameras....I really like using VHS/ VCRs and I have a camera from high school that I use. I try to make the most out of the tech that I have.”

“I work at ZUMIX as the radio station manager...”

“Making art and working are kind of fluid....I’m like a cheerleader for other people’s pieces when making radio shows...and that’s all part of my art practice.”

“Recently I got a grant...for a project...with Brittany Thomas in East Boston called ‘Constelación de Historias’...highlighting stories and memories from folks in Eastie. It’s allowed us to focus on it but more importantly given us the chance to pay young people and community members for their contributions.”

“If your idea of ‘making it’ is narrow, being on your path might be difficult. If you are flexible and can understand that you are making moves all the time, then you can see the way forward with more ease. Make stuff, find time for yourself, and express that which is real to you....[F]ind what...drives you, contribute to a community that gives you energy, and keep grinding.”

-- Neil Horsky


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