Stating The State of The State of The Art Arts

By Neil Horsky for Boston Compass (#130)

November 29, 2020

An interview with Cedric “VISE” Douglas


“I work at the intersection of street art and social intervention. I’m trained as a designer and I’ve always been a graffiti artist.”

“VISE stands for ‘Visually Intercepting Society’s Emotions.’ I use my art as a way to challenge people’s perceptions and think differently about social issues.”

“Coming from the graffiti world, hip-hop culture, it teaches you to speak up and show your skills. It’s a competition — it pushes you to outdo someone else and outdo yourself.”


“Being an artist, you have to be loud....If no-one knows or sees what you’re doing, how are you going to make a living?”


“My main projects are murals....I teach, mentor youth, speak at colleges....I received some grants for public art projects....I also do design work — branding and identity. I find ways to do what I like, how I want. I make less money than I would at a design firm but I’m happy. I make enough to not be struggling.”

“Everything you do has an effect on your development.... I started the UpTruck — a mobile community art studio — but I learned to drive big trucks when I worked delivering plants.”

“It is easy to get discouraged, think that nobody cares about art, and ask, ‘why am I doing this?’ But the things that make people happy in the world are usually art.”

“Giving success to others is part of my success. If we’re all vibrating on a higher level we’re all in a better place. We need to bring ourselves up and inspire others to be their full selves.”


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