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Stating the State of the State of the Art Arts

By Neil Horsky for BCN #133

“I mostly make illustrations, but also do video art and animation. I’ve done a lot of food illustrations like cheese and oysters but I pretty much like to draw anything....I’ve made a bunch of weird fun videos with my friends....I’m really drawn

to editing found footage and hope to do more of that...”

“I don’t know what I would do with my life if I couldn’t make art, I think I would voluntarily die.”

“I’ve done a bunch of freelance work and have been getting a decent amount of commissions lately....I don’t make enough money off my art to quit my job, and I don’t know if I ever will, but it’s honestly cool because I’m lucky, I actually like my job.”

“I’m working at a really great [picture framing] shop in the South End....[I]t gives me a great work/life balance. It’s also a great skill to know....Being able to understand how to frame and preserve work is something that all artists should know...”

“I’m lucky that my parents are supportive of my art-making and my choice to pursue art as a career....I’m grateful that my art teachers were not overloaded with students so they could be invested in their classes and be able to assist students with things like building a portfolio and applying to art school.”

“Stop accepting shitty commissions just because they are offered.Only do work for free if it’s for something really cool. 90% of the time you should never do work for free.”

“Figure out how to structure your life to put art-making in the forefront while also being able to take care of yourself.”


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