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Stating the State of the State of the Art Arts: An interview with Liza Zayas, a.k.a. Luna del Flor

By Neil Horsky for Boston Compass (#130)

December 31, 2020

“I’m a poetic storyteller, observer, mirror and reflector. Poetry found me at a young age (3rd grade), and it allowed me to take...the day’s lessons or occurrences and giv[e] them myth, rhythm and metaphor. I began writing songs in the 8th grade and performing after high school. I write because I love language and the power of words. The pen is mightier...”

“I was nominated for and received an arts grant earlier this year, and collaborated with a Boston museum....The Muse with both of these realities is the carefree imagination knowing costs are covered. It becomes a moment of possibility knowing [my] vision is supported and invited.”

“As a Daughter of Poetry and Dance, no societal authority or rules have ever mattered to me. I consider myself a Free Woman therefore a liberated voice. Growing up, the world told me that as a poor Puerto Rican girl, there were limits to my future. Poetry and Dance allowed me to show them. The advantages I have I fight for every day and the disadvantages I have I do not acknowledge for they do not exist to me. A woman can. An inner city kid can. A mother can...”

“Remember, you were chosen. The Muse chose You. Your art is your gift and your signature. Success is by your definition and your inner critic does not get to convince you you are not seen or your work does not matter. It should matter to you first. Fame and Fortune are smoke and mirrors. Loving your process and finished work is your recognition. The joy is in your heart and the joy you inspire in others is the treasure....Ego is not your friend. Love your Muses, honor your channeling, cherish your gifts and sincerely support other artists.”

Neil Horsky


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