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Stating the State of the State of the Art Arts: An Interview With Nina LaNegra

By Neil Horsky for Boston Compass (#126)

August 20, 2020

“If emotion and thought had a baby it would be a Spirit-driven, heartfelt, thoughtful child that would heal the world by its existence. I make my art to end the arguments and create a way for the energy to exist on its own.”

“I think it is important to remember that an Artist is a human being—some of us may be aliens, as in off-planet other worlders, so perhaps better said, an Artist is a living being that requires almost all of the same things as the ‘non-Artist’ to subsist, exist, co-exist, survive and/or thrive.”

“When I was in Art School during the time of the dinosaurs, we were trained to be ‘fine’ artists and not with a pragmatic eye on survival and thriving. I have learned to be adaptable, flexible and forward thinking, in other words, how to apply all my creative skills to my life as an Artist.”

“Paramount to thriving as an Artist, I would say, is developing the ‘Attitude’ of someone engaged in a lifelong, long-haul pursuit....One must engage in long-range planning with short-term, pragmatic steps.”

“How you look at your Art, your philosophy toward it, is significant. Are you merely thinking about what medium you work in, your technical skill, and the marketplace for it or are you thinking more holistically? How is the creative process you engage in connected to your immediate environment and the wider community? Is there synergy between your explorations and questions, and the dilemmas in the world around you? Can you connect these arenas in a meaningful and economically fruitful way? What problems are you solving?”

-- Neil Horsky

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