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Tarot Forecast: Decision-Making, Justice, & Connecting With Home This July

By Naomi Westwater for Boston Compass (#125)

July 8, 2020

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. For July, I pulled the II of Swords reversed. The II of Swords is here to tell us that we may need to make some difficult decisions in July, and we will feel like there is no right answer, or no best choice for us. If you’re feeling stuck this July, ask yourself: What would it look like if I took a break from making decisions right now? We might not have all the information we need to make the best choices for ourselves at this moment. Don’t rush anything, and avoid commitments, things will reveal themselves at a later date. The II of Swords reversed is also a reminder that sometimes in life, we have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

For the July 5th, lunar eclipse/full moon I pulled The Justice card. The Justice card is a reminder of karma, so get ready, because things are coming back around. Everything you do has a positive or negative consequence. On the July full moon, spend some time reflecting: How can your actions be the most just to create the best karma for yourself and the world? This is also a card of integrity and equality. This full moon is asking us to all step up and fight for truth, and Justice. The Justice card is unyielding, if you’re not on the side of equality, karma will remember.

The IV of Cups reversed shows up for the new moon on July 20th. This card warns we may be detached from our feelings towards the end of July. The IV of Cups reversed also creates an opportunity for people to take advantage of each other. Check-in with yourself on the new moon: Are you appreciating the people around you? Are you being equally appreciated by your community? If not, it may be time for you to create some boundaries, or even sigh apologize to the people in your life you’ve been undervaluing.

The VIII of Pentacles jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling for guidance. I pulled the VIII of Pentacles for you all in March, May, and June! When a card creates a pattern, it means we are still learning the message and working with that energy. The VIII of Pentacles is here again asking: How can we rethink our relationship with work and how can we show up for our craft? I also pulled the IV of Wands for guidance. This card is all about community and celebration. July will continue to be challenging, so we really need to connect with our people, and enjoy life together when we can. How can you celebrate and honor your community this month? This is also a card representing home, we will need to continue our connection to home this July.

Naomi Westwater is a witch and musician based in Jamaica Plain, MA. Follow her music and tarot readings @naomiwestwater.


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