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Teen Music Maker Showdown (BPL x Hip Hop Transformation)

By Qadir Shabazz for Boston Compass

February 9, 2021

The Boston Public Library has been a community center for students of all ages, especially when school hours are dismissed and these students look for a place to stay out of the streets. It’s truly been the type of environment where these kids are able to have access to schoolwork-related guidance and even receive therapeutic talks with some of the workers. This time around though, there’s been something spectacular in the works. Red Shaydez, the Artist Development Director for a program called “The Hip Hop Transformation,” has teamed up with the Boston Public Library in Lower Mills to curate what is known as “The Teen Music Maker Showdown” which kicked off February 5th, 2021. Presented as a friendly, creative competition, teenagers will be able to compete for visa gift cards that hold the value up to $150 and a music placement with the library for future usage. This is a statewide competition! All teenagers within the Boston radius are able to participate. Submit your music creations, whether they are instrumentals or vocals, or a mixture of both. The judges will come together and give their personal feedback by March 4th as the Grand Celebration.

That goes to say, if you’re a teen who’s been putting in work within the music field lately -- now is your chance to shine and show Boston what you got!


Upcoming Events:

Music Maker Workshop, 2/17: For teens participating in the Music Maker Showdown, the BPL and THHT will host professional audio producer Lightfoot and rap titans Red Shaydez and Flash (N.B.S.) to answer questions and give teens real time advice and encouragement on their submissions. The event will be held on Zoom and participants are encouraged to join, regardless of experience level.

Award Celebration, 3/5: Teens who submitted music, or are interested in working in the music industry in general, are invited to join the award celebration. The event will feature a panel of industry judges who will share submission clips and announce the contest winners. It will be held on the BPL Twitch channel.

Teens interested in participating can email up to three original music submissions to now through midnight on February 25. Contestants must be between the ages of 13-18 and reside in Massachusetts. Winners will be awarded Visa gift cards of up to $150 and eligible contest winners will be awarded a $100 commission opportunity to create music for the BPL's Twitch and Teen YouTube channels.

For full submission guidelines please visit


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