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By : Poetic Pattie

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On June 10th & 11th, Expozed Tv Studios held its annual 2 day music conference and the event was JAM packed to say the least. Throughout the 2 day experience, the room was filled with our local favorites, record labels executives & heavy hitter producers. Hosted by CEO of Expozed Tv Katiria Colon & “voice of the party” Medio Pollo—the dynamic duo kept the A-list energy going all night and has us on the edge of our seats filled with excitement. Katiria & Medio go above & beyond to keep the Latin community engaged while continuously showing their support for those surrounding it too.

Music Podcaster & guru Ode Vibes had the opportunity to interview early attendees during the ‘Diary Room’ session before we all gathered around to learn about marketing from one of our guest speakers—Brandon Bedlam. Following that we learned some of the best insider secrets from one of Hollywood’s most sought after entrepreneurs, Steve Lobel, honoring 30 years of his experience within the music industry—and life overall. Hailing from Queens, what we know now as notably one of the best cities for music, Steve Lobel has always been a magnet for success and attributes that to respecting the game and always taking risks. The journey of his music career began working alongside Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Nipsey Hussle, Scott Storch & Sean Kingston. As he reminisced about his past,

Lobel let us know that after 30 years of much triumph he has decided to turn away from management though relishing in its rewards every chance he got. Steve also took the opportunity to ask our guest producers Humb Beats & Jon Glass what dream artist they hope to work with in the future and how he can help to connect them. Jon Glass prides himself on working with those who inspire him and one day hope that it will be ScHool Boy Q and Anderson .Paak— two super genuine artist. For Humb beats he aspires to work with his all time favorites Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne.

To finish off the night with exhilarating energy we had performances from Maye Star, Shayk Hanif and Gio Dee—Bostons very own. Make sure to stop by Expozed Tv Studios for all of your media production needs and stay connected with our lovely speakers & performers.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #159 July 2023


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