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The Massachusetts Minute: Donald Grunge Excels on In Gleem I Trust

By Shamus Hill

September 7, 2021

2 min read

If you take a short-winded drive toward the northern outskirts of Boston, and test your fear of heights atop the mighty Tobin Bridge, you’ll find yourself placed right into the depths of Chelsea. Though the city boasts a total area of less than 2.5 square miles, it is in possession of the second-largest concentration of Hispanics in the state – ultimately ranking high on the list of the most diverse places to live within the borders of Massachusetts.

Similar to that of the surrounding communities within the Bay State, the music scene that exists in Chelsea is one that is beginning to take an entirely new form. Paving the way for a refreshed generation of creatives from this area is Donald Grunge. His most recent album, In Gleem I Trust, is one that fuses a wide-array of musical subgenres, including Grunge, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Trap music to name some in particular. With tracks such as “LIFESTYLE”, “02150”, and “TEXACO” carving their way into the listener’s mind in the same manner that lightning strikes, Donald Grunge unleashes yet another strengthened body of work with In Gleem I Trust.

Resting at precisely 11 songs in length, Donald Grunge’s newest work serves as his first discographical breakaway from his previous two drops – Cowboy Talk and Cowboy Talk (Deluxe). Stepping to the plate with a much more trap-infused sonic arrangement than that of his prior, western-themed projects, In Gleem I Trust lends an ear towards the heightened artistic potential that lies within this Chelsea native. With production credits largely stemming from Brockton’s Isaiah Valmont, and additionally Kenny Prosper, Mike Hector, yo21, and Elz, Donald Grunge’s fine-tuned ability to slice his way through an instrumental was met with equally elite beat making talents. Ultimately becoming a nearly 30 minute long reveal of what this Gleem Team Captain is capable of achieving, In Gleem I Trust is a mighty release that forges its way to the top of the list with respect to the most recent releases out of Massachusetts.


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