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The Massachusetts Minute: Neemz

By Shamus Hill

2 min read

Image by Sam Elwood

Encountering envious, jealous people is something that seemingly attaches itself to the majority of the milestones that we accomplish in life. Whether you just got a hard-earned promotion, finally made it to graduation day, or in Neemz’s case, have released the best art of your life so far, there always seems to be someone that comes out of the woodwork to meet your triumphs with negativity. This issue is one that finds itself at the center of “Damaged Feelings,” the newest single from Palestinian artist, Neemz, whose multi-faceted artistic talents have launched her into the position as one of Boston’s most exciting creatives right now.

Following up on the recent successes of her singles “Awake” and “Plan A,” Neemz’s newest discographical addition combines brilliant sonics with deep meaning. Reflecting on the sentiments described above, Neemz speaks on the avoidance of such negative emotions in order to protect our own well-being. Rather than stooping down to the hater mentality, the Boston-based artist tackles the envy indirectly by continuing to accomplish what’s best for her. Paying no mind to those who are against you is not a sign of weakness, but instead holds the highest measure of power there is—something that Neemz wants all to gain a true grasp of.

Since attending IDK and Harvard University’s No Label Academy this past August, Neemz has had her sights set towards what lies ahead in her future. She’s ready to take music markets around the globe by storm with her pop-infused, radiating catalog of music, seeking to blossom into the best version of herself along the way. Already making a strengthened imprint through her photography and modeling work, the music that she’s currently working on is something that without a doubt will be launching her into the depths of notoriety.

The Boston arts have never been in better hands, and with individuals like Neemz sparking prominent shifts in identity here, I, for one, am incredibly excited to witness the development of the Bay State’s music scene in real time.

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #140 November 2021


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