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Theatrescape October 2020

By Caitlin Kenney for Boston Compass (#128)

October 7, 2020

While most 2020/2021 seasons have been postponed, there’s plenty of programming and even learning opportunities going on virtually. If anything, this pandemic has enabled local theatres to make their works available to the entire world via Zoom. Gloucester Stage has been able to highlight various voices with their Never Dark Series as their physical theatre remains closed, while New Rep gets creative by redefining the term ‘touring production’ with a live show in Watertown. Creatives are getting creative and it's a great time to support them!

Here’s our list of promising, locally produced theatre happening this month. Tips? Email



Every Tuesday at 5pm thru Nov 24th

Speakeasy University

For anyone interested in learning the logistics of how to produce a play, SpeakEasy Stage is offering a great education to make your dreams a reality. Tune into Zoom every Tuesday for a series of professional development seminars that are Pay-What-You-Can. This month’s sessions include putting equity/anti-racism into action, marketing, and fundraising.


Every Fri, Sat & Sunday

Watertown Historical Moving Plays

Head to Watertown and bring your walking shoes for Ken Green’s immersive new play on the life of local, Black historical figure Charles W. Lenox --- a barber who made his way from private to sergeant during the Civil War. Watertown based company New Rep’s show literally takes the audience through historical sites in Watertown, while taking the proper Covid precautions throughout. Tickets are $20.

WHERE: Tickets & Info at



[Staged Reading] Paradise Blue

Gloucester Stage’s 'Never Dark' series continues with Detroit playwright Dominique Morisseau’s drama about a jazz club owner and a gifted musician as they figure out the future for themselves and many others. This staged reading will be live via Zoom. Tickets are free but limited.




The Actors Shakespeare Project is taking a break from the bard with an adaptation of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984. A tale of a totalitarian regime manipulating truth and fact to control its people. Sound familiar? This looks promising and more relevant than ever.




A witty, one-woman show about Ann Richards, the first female Governor of Texas. A refreshingly funny political comedy written by famed actress Holland Taylor and produced by Central Square Theater.


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Photo Credit: Central Square Theater, SpeakEasy Stage, and New Rep Theatre

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