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Theatrescape September 2021


September 10, 2021

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The lights are back on in Boston theatres and there are tons of shows worth securing tickets for now. Lock down the cheap seats at ArtsEmerson while you can! Everything looks good this season, especially Iphigenia and White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. The Actors Shakespeare Project is reviving their halted production from March 2020 of The Merchant of Venice, with the same talented cast and visionary Director Igor Golyak behind the scenes. A cool and engaging show without a doubt. Let’s just hope the Delta variant doesn’t cancel our plans.

Check our highlights below for some genuinely interesting theatre happening this month in Boston.


Thru 9/5

Nate Turner in Jerusalem @Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

This show looks good enough to drive to the Cape for. A timely and profound account of Nate Turner being visited by his attorney on his last night in jail, as they discuss the slave rebellion they just led and talk of the future.

WHERE: Tickets at


Reparations @Gloucester Stage

This new play by James Sheldon looks at power dynamics, racial injustice and betrayal through a hungover lens, as reality comes to light the morning after a fun night.

9/12 & 9/14

Laiona Michelle: A Night with Nina Simone

@Windover Performing Arts Center

A highlight of Gloucester Stage’s Never Dark Series is this new musical adapted from the words and music of the incomparable Nina Simone, telling her story from child prodigy to an American icon.


The Sound Inside @Speakeasy Stage

This play was considered one of the best of 2020. A reclusive writer unexpectedly becomes close friends with her student. As they exchange stories, connections are made that lead to profound personal confrontations about how we narrate our own lives.

WHERE: Tickets at


Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic

This compelling, joyful live performance might not be a play but it’s definitely theatre. An impressive ensemble of tap dancers and musicians join their powers in this captivating show.

WHERE: Tickets at


Queens Girl in the World @Central Square Theatre

A solo show explores the story of a black teen named Jacqueline living in ‘60s NYC, going from her home in Queens to the Village for school during the civil rights movement.

WHERE: Tickets at

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #139 September 2021


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