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By : Poetic Pattie

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A month ago Tomo & Owen released the enchanting EP— ‘F*ck It!’ and now we’re graced again with a 12 track lengthier version of a similar storytelling adventure. While conversing with the dynamic duo I got the chance to sit down and discover more about the production process for the creation of ‘Marvelous’. The conception began back in January and even shared some of the same tracks with F*ck it, before being turned into its own separate mini project. Marvelous was thoroughly planned out and organized in structure with a supreme sequencing. Each song is a different story within itself, following the same base heavy sound while also referencing the titles. With tracks like ‘Cool’ & ‘Mayo Clinic’ Tomo mentions the eye openers he’s been going through and monsters he see’s around him on a daily.

Lyrically for Marvelous Tomo wanted to portray a very accurate depiction of where he is right now in life—which is a very remarkable place. Previously in his music Tomo would reminisce but, Marvelous is about the astonishing reflections he’s experiencing now. In the words of Owen “Tomo is very hands on and involved with the entire process as soon as he gets in the studio, even right down to the samples Tomo would just come in like “Yo, play this.” The definition of the word marvelous also carried a different meaning for the duo. For Owen “it is a state of mind that you just embody with great energy making you feel powerful all around. Meanwhile for Tomo it is “Something crazy that catches my eye and leaves me in awe, even stunned. Should I run? Or praise it? Depending on how it looks. It could be something set on fire, I don’t know, it’s still marvelous though.”

- Poetic Pattie

Boston Compass Blog Exclusive June #158



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