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Underground Flex: Cassh Cartel & B. Blazo

By Tahisha Charles for Boston Compass (#130)

December 9, 2020

When it comes to music, gimmicks will always wither away, but pain music will never go out of style. It’s raw, it’s the truth and it’s a story that you can never take away from a person.

These are the kind of stories that mainstream outlets won’t cover because it’s not a radio hit or related to industry politics, and that’s where the Underground Flex comes in.

This month, I’m highlighting Boston artists Cassh Cartel and B. Blazo.

Having come together earlier this year with singles like, “WE COOLIN PT. 2,” “Mad At” and guest appearances on Low Key’s “Go Harder” and Savvo Baby’s “Double Back,” these two individuals are slowly mastering the music game with their consistency and more importantly, lyricism.

Though most listeners have been introduced to these two as a duo, both rappers have solo efforts of their own.

Since 2018, Cassh Cartel has released three singles: “Been Thru” featuring Swish, “Hyped Up” and “Trap’n All Day.” B. Blazo catalogue is also rather extensive, releasing multiple records this year, including: “For Real,” “I Swear,” “Tell Me” and his debut summer project, It Is What It Is.

As we transition into 2021, it’ll be exciting to see what Cassh Cartel and B. Blazo will bring to the table. But until then, make sure to tap in to their latest release, “Mad At.”

—Tahisha Charles, @miixtapechiick


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