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Underground Flex: Dom Bruno

By Tahisha Charles for BCN (#133)

March 8, 2021

Though this column usually highlights artists and producers in the city, I decided to switch it up this month. For March, I am highlighting videographer Dom Bruno, owner of ripe—tanjerines. He created the multimedia platform to “[build] a foundation for creative expression, from the underground up.” Established in 2018, Bruno recently picked back up his YouTube channel, TANJTV, which features interviews and videos about artists around the city. His popular series, The Orange Room (which coincides with his brand ripe --- tanjerines) mimics COLOURSXSTUDIOS, the popular visual series that showcases live performance from artists around the world. The Orange Room features local artists including Rosewood Bape, Dutchy DoBad, Celly Bucks, and Cincinnati Rose, just to name a few. Bruno has also recorded concerts for mainstream artists like Ski Mask The Slump God, Dave East, BIA and MILLYZ. As he continues to the authentic artistry of these individuals, Bruno’s website explains that his goal is to “unite as artists and celebrate each other.”

—Tahisha Charles (@miixtapechiick)


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