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Underground Flex: Feel Red Shaydez’s Aura

By Cassie Capewell for Boston Compass (#125)

July 6, 2020

Feel Red Shaydez’s Aura

Get ready for the shayde—and the aura—this summer. Boston-based rapper Red Shaydez is releasing Feel the Aura, a followup album to her 2016 debut Magnetic Aura.

The new project features “They Call Me Shaydez,” an unreserved self-introduction of sorts. Red’s confidence is on full display as she paints an authentic picture of her dynamic artistry.

Storytelling is front and center of much of Red Shaydez’s music, which makes it no surprise that she’s a creator within many mediums and has titles including recording artist, mentor, and visionary. Red is a Fitchburg State University graduate with a degree in film and video, and had big plans for a multimedia release with Feel the Aura. She had developed and written a script for a movie of her life story that ties in all of her projects thus far, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has halted production for now.

Luckily we still get to watch The Aura Sessions: Behind the Shaydez, a series featuring Red and the artists and producers off the new album, giving us a glimpse into the writing and recording process in the signature red light room. It was also recently announced that a mini movie Red made called Little Sabrina, which is also a track off of Magnetic Aura, was selected for screening at the Roxbury International Film Festival.

A commitment to the local community of creators is apparent in Red’s art. Feel the Aura includes a host of Boston-based features and producers, including Oompa, Rilla Force, Kasia Lavon, and more, and the entire album is engineered and mixed by International Show of SOE Complex in Weymouth.

The album comes out July 27, but until then, stay tuned to Red Shaydez’s social media for The Aura Sessions and pull through the virtual album release party on July 26.

- Cassie Capewell


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