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Underground Flex: Humbeats for Prez

By Cassie Capewell for Boston Compass (#131)

January 2, 2021

Have you checked out Humbeats’ debut album yet? One of the premier producers out of MA right now, Humbeats has gifted us with Growth, featuring 24 local artists: 12 female and 12 male.

We’ve got some insanely talented female artists in our city, and if you’re not hip to them yet, you can start with Growth, which includes veteran and new voices alike. Here’s a list, because I want all their names in print: Chelley Marie, Cakeswagg, Dutch ReBelle, MonaVeli, Red Shaydez, Tee Luxe, Honey Luv, Emma, Lord Ju, Brandie Blaze, Radha, and June Marie.

Check them out!!!

“Working with Hum was a lot of fun,” says Cakeswagg, who raps on “Trippin” with Chelley Marie. “The beat that Hum created left a lot of room for me to play with, which is something as an artist I really enjoy.”

The guys—including Rosewood Bape, Gogo., Austin Fair, and Luke Bar$—for sure do their thing on the album as well. But Hum says, “having women on the album was a big priority. It’s hard to be an artist in Boston, and even harder for women. I feel like people purposely hold back and don’t share opportunities, and with female artists, it’s even more so.” He continues, “I just wanted to put women in their own light. I didn’t want any type of funny business going on.”

Hum’s 10-year career as a producer started with making beats on a PS2 and has led to placements with artists like Cousin Stizz, Dave East, Millyz, and Tsu Surf, as well as the debut of his multifaceted brand Level Up Always in 2019.

Growth the album sums up all of his work over the years, showcasing his talent and versatility. The project features a range of sounds and genres, including trap, drill, pop, and R&B.

The community aspect of this project was apparent before its release. If you have driven down Blue Hill Ave. in the past couple months, you might have seen a billboard promoting the album, featuring the names of every featured artist.

“It’s not just my album. There are 24 other people on it,” says Humbeats. “I want people to know that there’s a lot of good music going on.”

Dutch ReBelle, featured on “Wouldn’t Believe It,” says “I’m immensely proud to be on this project. [Humbeats] is undoubtedly one of my favorite producers from here and it was a green light when he asked me to be a part of the project. His vision and execution was on point from the start so I knew I could trust his plans. Hum for President.”

Be on the lookout for a potential deluxe version (!) and from here, let’s better support female artists and give Humbeats his flowers.

—Cassie Capewell


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