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Underground Flex: Sidestreet Capo

By Tahisha Charles For Boston Compass (#132)

February 19, 2021

Sidestreet Capo: The Trench Translator

From the streets of Roxbury, specifically Humboldt Ave., it’s more than muzik for Sidestreet Capo. Being only 22 years old, he’s gone through enough for two lifetimes.

Kicking off last year with “Better Now” after spending time behind bars, Capo has never shied away from merging street life and music; and whether you’ve lived in the trenches yourself or have watched from afar, you cannot only relate to his pain, but have no choice but to understand it. Inspired by Tupac, Styles P and Jadakiss, it’s evident that Sidestreet learned a long time ago how to move in the jungle, while still speaking his truth. “I’m looking to inspire kids and teens in the ghetto, people in the jail systems, and just everybody struggling,” Capo tells Boston Compass.

Since the release of “Better Now,” Sidestreet Capo has gone off to release over six singles since the start of the pandemic, last March. Collaborating with Shooterz Muzik Machine labelmates, 8 Zipp, Mulah Mitch, and KT Cuatro (free him), the message has always been consistent – don’t fck with him or his team and unless you’re for this life, stay out the way. “Everybody got a heart, till they get they chest pumped/ I’m a Sidestreet n* that’ll f* the ‘jects up,” he spits on “Yessuh.”

Dropping his first music video in 2017, Capo has certainly made an impact alongside his labelmates in a short amount of time. With his debut album set to drop some point this year, it’ll be exciting to see what he’ll deliver. Be sure to check out his latest single, “Cameras In Jurassic” out now and follow him via socials: @sidestreetcapo.

-- Tahisha Charles (@miixtapechiick)


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