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Underground Flex: StashtheWave

By Cassie Capewell for Boston Compass (#127)

September 18, 2020

Photo by @stashthewave

StashtheWave might have luck on his side. After all, the self-made producer’s first released project was the music for a Boston Celtics television commercial. Luck aside, Stash is making a name for himself and his beats in the local music scene.

While Stash, a Randolph native, had been playing around with beat-making since 2015, he started taking it seriously when he met and became friends with some other producers such as Latrell James, LoloTheGod, Twayne the Kidd, Ricky Felix, and Luke Bar$. Stash says, “I saw how organically they made their music, but that they also struggled with it just as much as I did.” And this relatability was key. “We would vent to each other about the same stuff. Being around them and seeing their work ethic, it made me want to turn it up a notch.”

It soon paid off—later that year, Stash landed the Celtics commercial, with voiceover by hometown hero Cousin Stizz.

“Things happen for a reason,” says Stash. “I remember seeing Latrell, Twayne, and Lolo making beats with the Celtics, and in the beginning of 2018 I said, ‘I’m gunna do that. Watch.’ I literally manifested that.” It turns out the beat they chose was one he made while riding the train home from school one night, with just Apple headphones in.

With new confidence, Stash began making more and more beats, experimenting with sounds to break out of his reputation as a trap producer. Earlier this summer he dropped Cruise Control, a beat tape featuring a chill, more rhythmic sound. “I wanted it to be something you can listen to without verses and lyrics,” he says. “What got me into music was beats from producers like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, and Kanye. Cruise Control is me showing people what they don’t expect from me.”

StashtheWave works alongside Clyde Black, Qwan?, and Demaris Andreh, fellow members of Dienue, a homegrown hip-hop group out of Randolph and Milton. After a short break and rebrand in 2019, the group released “Velma,” a groovy record that marked their reentry to the scene.

Stash is busy working on another EP and producing tracks for other local artists including Jiles of Van Buren Records and Notebook P.

“I just want to inspire people,” he says. With his own wide range of inspirations—from The Beatles to Young Thug to Marvin Gaye and the Spanish music he grew up on—we have good reason to look forward to what’s coming next from StashtheWave.


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