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By : Michael Mambrino

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I simply couldn’t let 2022 pass by without writing about Diz’s ULTRA.VIOLET. This album blasts sonic realms with soulful, compelling rhymes and masterful rhythms and melodies combined. Released in February, Diz created melancholy masterpieces in the local and online underground rap world. The former member of a teen hip hop collective, Illegal Advisory, Diz shows off his individual creativity and evolving solemn lyricism. With features from Cambridge local Young Wabo and Louisiana artist/rapper Wakai, ULTRA.VIOLET makes for an enthralling and profound journey track-to-track.

A remarkable factor of this album is how skillful the single selection is for this album. Starting off the promo is REST. Evoking what we all need right now, REST is an immersive track that soothes the body and mind better than any strain on the market that I’ve tried. With smooth vocal samples and light percussion, this track makes it perfect to lay down and close your eyes. Following that is One Step Closer. Featuring Young Wabo, this track is the ray of light awakening you from your 1-minute and 55 seconds power nap: just enough to get you out of your bed or couch without being too bright. One Step Closer signifies another step toward the next single, Fair Weather. This song is ULTRA.VIOLET’s signature symphonic epic; passionate energy and delivery embodies every second of this track, in production, lyricism, and vocals. Masterfully crafted and marketed, yet spares no authenticity in the process.

ULTRA.VIOLET as an album flows just as well from start to finish, making an anomaly I’m all here for.

P.S. The songs are available on TikTok, so if you want to see segments of Fair Weather, All Is Good, and more, used in creative and sometimes hilarious ways, do tune in.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #151 October 2022


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